Detect & Extinguish in One—AutoFlight Assists Smart Firefighting Solution to upgrade

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On August 6th, at the East China UAV Base in Jinshan, Shanghai, Shanghai Autoflight Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Autoflight”) and Jinshan Fire Bureau conducted a “special” fire drill: fire detection and fire extinguishing are all autonomously completed by drones,  "joint operations" --the ultra-long endurance vertical takeoff and landing aircraft-White Shark V50 is responsible for reconnaissance and early warning, and the ultra-heavy payload fire emergency aircraft-F240 is responsible for fire fighting, to create aerial smart firefighting in one solution.

In this actual combat exercise, White Shark V50 is responsible for patrol and reconnaissance, automatically recognizes the fire situation while locating the fire source location information, and transmits the information to the command center. After receiving the warning, the command center quickly dispatched F240 to the fire point. Throwing fire extinguishing bombs in the air to quickly extinguish the fire, demonstrating the combat capability of the drone in actual fire fighting.


V50 and F240 jointly participate in fire drills

The 50kg VTOL aircraft-White Shark V50 performs the reconnaissance function of the "Sky Eye". It is equipped with a dual-optical pan/tilt camera equipped with a 640P thermal camera, reaching 30x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, and intelligently monitors the ground status. It only takes 10 seconds to accurately detect and locate the fire point and send the real-time picture back to the command center. It adopts combination-wing design, no runway required, flexible takeoff and landing, and has 6 hours of ultra-long flight time, the longest image transmission distance is up to 100+ kilometers, level seven wind resistance, all-weather flight capability, and 4,500 meters high altitude takeoff capability.


V50 Cruise Reconnaissance

F240 acts the role of "Fire Fighting Warrior". As a large-payload, 8-rotor firefighting aircraft, it is used for firefighting and emergency rescue. The maximum take-off weight is 320 kg and the maximum payload is 100 kg. The power frame and the energy payload unit can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and can conduct multi-frequency continuous operations.

The F240 can fly in a straight line without being affected by complex terrain, and can quickly reach areas that cannot be reached by fire trucks. The high-performance water-based fire extinguishing bomb equipped with F240 has a large coverage area, efficient fire fighting, non-toxic smoke control, and 100% natural degradation.

图片关键词F240 throwing fire bombs to extinguish

Both the V50 and F240 are equipped with intelligent airborne systems and have a highly automatic flight function-capable of automatically planning routes and flying automatically according to external conditions such as terrain and wind.

Autoflight's intelligent fire fighting solution is fast, efficient and reliable. It can identify the fire source information in the shortest time, and quickly react it, and effectively extinguish the fire at the initial stage. This set of solutions can Greatly reduce the country's financial losses, but also reduce casualties and help my country's forest smart fire protection. (The End)