AutoFlight Assists in Epidemic Prevention

2020-03-23 17:00:04 msq44083332 75

On the occasion of the New Year of 2020, a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus raged across the country and spread to the world.

On the first day of resumption of work, the fight against the epidemic started


In the face of the menacing pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, on the first day of resumption of work on February 10, AutoFlight actively responded to the call of the district government and the park to join the East China UAV Base to fight the epidemic air action team, using white shark V50-pure electric vertical take-off and landing UAV carried out anti-epidemic work in key areas of Jinshan Industrial Zone, and assisted Jinshan Transportation Commission, Economic and Information Commission, and Traffic Management Department to conduct aerial surveys on the road conditions of multiple traffic arteries in Jinshan District. Real-time supervision and implementation of dissuasion and repatriation of violating vehicles and personnel. 

The fight against the "epidemic" has achieved remarkable results, conveying confidence in victory

UAVs can make use of the characteristics of "air broadcasting", fast spread, less affected by terrain, and wide coverage to "accelerate" the latest epidemic prevention policies and knowledge to the citizens. White Shark V50 UAV, which can stand by for a long time, played an irreplaceable role in the prevention and control of this epidemic. The wide inspection range, fast speed, and high precision helped scientifically fight the epidemic. 

At the same time, the heat source can be tracked in real time, and the density of people flow is clear at a glance, reducing the staff going out and effectively avoiding personnel contact, which not only reduces the risk of cross-infection, but also greatly improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control.

 Drones assist in epidemic prevention

Drone technology has been integrated in o life, not only can improve work efficiency, but also reduce risks at the same time. This epidemic prevention and control is an excellent example. With zero contact and zero risk of infection, large-scale real-time monitoring can be achieved, which provides a "divine assist" for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.


AutoFlight insists on taking the lead in the prevention and control of the epidemic, writing its original intention in action, placing its mission on the post, and earnestly achieving "reliable, safe-minded, and top-notch at critical moments" to win mass defense Group governance fights the "epidemic" together. (The End)