AutoFlight launches maritime intelligent logistics

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On the morning of 24th, June, the East China UAV Base united Autoflight responded to the "Guidelines for the Construction of Civil Unmanned Aviation Experimental Base (Test Area)" by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and took the lead in the maritime airspace of Jinshan District. Demonstration operation of smart airborne logistics. Jointly build Jinshan District in o a "demonstration field" in an unmanned aviation test area featuring island scene applications. According to the "Guidelines for the Construction of Civil Unmanned Aviation Experimental Bases (Experimental Areas)", "The island scenario application test area is in the island bay area beyond the visual range scenario to explore UAV air traffic control technology and airworthiness. Verification is the focus, and the technical system for UAV operation will be improved."


V50 White Shark takes off for missions on the offshore flight platform of the East China UAV Base


The current airspace range of the East China UAV Base

The flight took off from the offshore flight platform of the East China UAV Base and went to and from Dajinshan Island for air logistics transportation. With a 10 kg payload, the V50 can fly more than 400 kilometers on a single charge. With Shanghai as the logistics center, it can quickly reach the counties and cities in the Yangtze River Delta region.

At the same time, thanks to the aircraft's power system and aerodynamic layout, the V50 can carry out smooth take-off, landing and flight under the ground wind level of seven, and can safely and efficiently perform logistics and transportation tasks at sea.

In addition to V50, AutoFlight also has larger eVTOL aircraft, namely V400 (maximum take-off weight 400 kg) and V1000 (maximum take-off weight 1,000 kg), which will also be used in island logistics scenarios. The "Jinshan-Shengsi" drone logistics line is formed, which can quickly transport Zhoushan's high-quality seafood to Shanghai. As a smart device R&D and manufacturing company, we are willing to maintain close communication and cooperation with the logistics industry to help the construction of a smart air logistics system.

In the future, manned eVTOL in the air will have a trillion-level market scale. However, it needs to be emphasized that the airworthiness of manned eVTOL will take a long time to complete. There must be sufficient technology accumulation, and sufficient safety and reliability. The public can accept it. Therefore, we believe that it is a safer and more scientific route to load goods first and then people. (The End)