Jinshan Civil Unmanned Aviation Test Area was established

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On October 28, the 2nd East China UAV Base Innovation and Development Summit was held. The Civil Aviation Administration of China awarded Shanghai Jinshan District "Civil Unmanned Aviation Test Base (Test Area)" and held an opening ceremony. The base became the country's first unmanned aviation test area with islands as application scenarios. Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Hu Weiguo, secretary of the Jinshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China, jointly unveiled the test area.


The establishment of an unmanned aviation pilot area with islands as application scenarios will help drones achieve large-scale commercialization in the logistics and transportation field of island scenarios, and further enhance high-quality and high-value-added items such as express mail and fresh food between islands Transportation efficiency has made it a reality for residents in the Yangtze River Delta region to eat high-quality seafood from Zhoushan in a few hours.

Autoflight is located in Jinshan District, Shanghai. It is an industry-leading research and development and manufacturing enterprise for autonomous vertical take-off and landing aircraft. As early as May this year, when the Civil Aviation Administration issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of Civil Unmanned Aviation Test Bases (Test Areas)", the East China UAV Base immediately responded positively to United Autoflight and jointly carried out islands in the sea airspace of Jinshan District. Intelligent logistics demonstration operation, V50 to and from Jinshan Island to perform air logistics transportation tasks, to create an island scene application for civil unmanned aviation.

At present, Fengfei Aviation Technology has combined advanced technologies such as aviation, 5G, and artificial intelligence to complete a variety of product layouts in the field of vertical take-off and landing aircraft. It has continuously made breakthroughs in ultra-long flight time, ultra-large payload, and intelligence, reaching the international leading level:

V50 White Shark has set a flight time record of 6 hours and 01 minutes, with a maximum take-off weight of 50 kilograms and a maximum payload of 20 kilograms, which can meet the transportation needs of emergency supplies and medical supplies on the island.

The maximum payload of V400 albatross is 100 kg, and the maximum range of pure electric full payload is 300 kilometers. The range can cover the distance from most of the inhabited islands of our country to land. It provides an air solution for the logistics and transportation of island fishery resources.


At the event, Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, inspected some of the products exhibited by Autoflight, and was very concerned about the development progress of Autoflight’s 1000kg vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and said: The large-payload vertical take-off and landing aircraft has very large The imagination of the space, in the island scene, the air logistics transportation can be applied as soon as possible, and the seafood will arrive in Shanghai in one hour and the table in two hours.

According to the development path of unmanned aviation of the Civil Aviation Administration of "cargo first, then passenger, general purpose and then transport, isolation first and then integration", after the island logistics aviation demonstration zone is officially launched, it will explore more efficient, safer and more economical new forms of air logistics. At the same time, it will also accumulate operating data and operating experience in practical applications, laying a foundation for future manned unmanned aerial flights.